Fiddler on the loose…

Topol Rowley

Fab foi watchers we’re back with an update from the Concordia of Local Government, WCC.

We recently asked for information about Cllr Lee Rowley and his links to highly influential lobbying group, The Conservative Friends of Israel.

Media analysts have spoken of claims that the influence of the CFI over the Tory Party is not to be underestimated whilst talk of donations and bankrolling are rife:

It has even been suggested that Parliamentary Candidates are desperate to join the club too!

As transparent as ever, Westminster Council refused to answer any questions about Lee Rowley and his membership of the CFI and gave this limp reply:

“We can confirm that information received or produced by a councillor for their own private, political or representative purposes is not covered by the Freedom of Information Act 2000. For the purposes of section 1 (4) of the Act, the Council does not hold the requested information and we are therefore unable to provide it.”

No surprise there then… but more intriguing has been their delayed response to the same request for Senior Officers’ details.

On the 13th February they stated: “unfortunately, we are still in the process of determining the extent to which we hold the requested information about Senior Officers, and accordingly how long it may take to retrieve that information. We apologise for this delay, and will endeavour to provide a response to this part of your request by Friday 17th February 2012.”

On the 17th February they sent this email:

We’ve yet to receive a reply and this begs the question: what could the hold-up possibly be?

Quit schlepping around WC!

Kindest regards



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