Good Morning, Number 6…


We’re back fab foi watchers with an exciting “Prisoner” themed response from the House of Commons!

You may remember that we made enquiries about the rather generous sum paid by WC of over £62,000:

…and were surprised to find the HoC being less than forthcoming with details of this payment.

Even more of a surprise was when they cited “commercial interests” as a reason not to release the information:

Of course, regular viewers know that we at the colemanexperience don’t like to take no for an answer and we pushed on with our request

Our persistence paid off and a mere 11 weeks later the House of Commons Commission decided that it actually would be in the public interest to see details of the payment after all!

We waited with bated breath for reams of paperwork and detailed contractual documents and were surprised to be sent this paltry “receipt” which quite frankly a 9-year-old could have put together!

However, after our initial disappointment, we were thrilled to discover that the payment was for rental costs of Abingdon Street car park -made famous in 60’s cult spy series “The Prisoner”!

Yes folks, it’s hard to believe that WC have links to an orwellian nightmare – inspired drama… but they do.

According to Wikipedia “the series features striking and often surreal storylines, and themes include hypnosis, hallucinogenic drug experiences, identity theft, mind control, dream manipulation, and various forms of social indoctrination”.

Good grief, that sounds like WC all over!!!

Kindest regards

B Coleman and the gang


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