The man who won’t be Queen…

Fab Foi Watchers!

You join us as we reel from the shocking news that Captain Barrow has abandoned ship and its everyman for himself down at City Hall.

Yes folks, the head honcho at Westminster has decided to call it a day and resign due to “personal reasons”…

quite why he’s chosen now to announce his plans is anyone’s guess and we can only hope and pray that his successor shares his style of open and honest leadership!

You can rest assured that whoever takes over the reins, we won’t be giving up our FOI battles in a hurry and will continue to dig and delve into the darkest recesses of WC – ( a council that’s about as transparent as a frosted window in a public urinal!).

We should also spare a thought for poor Colin at this time, as he moves on to pastures new.

He won’t be remembered fondly by many people and he probably won’t get his much longed for OBE after all…

but never mind, he can always write a chapter in his book about how he used to pay her Maj’s chauffeur fees from Children’s Services!

Put us down for a copy will you?!

Kindest regards



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