The House of Commerce

Fab Foi watchers we’re back with a quick update from those profligate public servants at City Hall.

You may recall our previous post, Treasons to be Cheerful, where we were intrigued to find out why WCC had made a payment of £62,140 to the House of Commons:

As Westminster had subsequently asked us to withdraw several FOI requests we were obliged to ask the HoC directly just what this large chunk of taxpayers money had been spent on:

We were hoping that, unlike our responses from WCC, we would receive an open and detailed response from the wonderful home of our illustrious MP’s.

You can imagine our surprise therefore when we recevied this less than transparent response from the House of Commons Commission:

Where are the receipts for payments made?

Where are the contracts and correspondence?

There are none, as the HoC have issued a point blank refusal to answer this request.

Quite why they’ve chosen not to answer is anyone’s guess.

We’re also alarmed at being fobbed off with excuses such as-

“House of Commons considers that the disclosure of this information would be prejudicial to the House’s commercial interests”

Commercial interests?!

The last time we checked Parliament wasn’t particularly known for being a business empire so this argument doesn’t exactly wash.

They then go on to say-

“it is not in the wider public interest to disclose as there is a risk that the House’s bargaining position for negotiations which are currently ongoing will be prejudiced and this could undermine the House’s bargaining position and ability to get value for money”.

Negotiations for what we wonder?

There’s summat rum going on here and this refusal speaks volumes.

Of course we at the colemanexperience are known for our tenacious tendancies so we won’t accept this response lying down!

Rest assured we shall keep digging until the truth outs.

Where’s David Cameron when you need him eh?!

Kindest regards

B.Coleman and the gang


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