WCC…criminal by any other name

Fab Foi watchers we’re back with more confusing nonsense from those dark knights of disinformation, Westminster City Council, this time relating to a previous post, Contract Killing:


You remember folks that we requested information about payments made to the rather ambiguous sounding A.N Contract Services Ltd and also the newly formed A & N Contract Services Ltd ( based in the same virtual office at 78 York Street )



We waited and waited for a classic WCC response and as usual our patience was rewarded with a clear and informative reply to both requests:



But what’s this?

Why are the “contracts” for both different companies identical?

Why are the “contracts” unsigned?

Why are the “contracts” dated May 2011 when most payments were made in 2009-2010?



Why don’t Westminster’s figures correspond with their own spending data?

There is something very strange going on here and we intend to probe as far as we can to find out what it is…

Btw before anyone gets upset about the title of this post there’s no need to…we are of course referring to White Collar Crime…which as we all know is a criminal offence (what did you think we meant?)

Has anyone seen the SFO?!

Kindest regards

B.Coleman and the gang


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