The Omerta Code

Welcome back Fab FOI watchers,

You join us after a quiet few days from those WCC ne’er-do-wells, as they continue to non-respond to bothersome requests for information.

Quite why they’re being so tight-lipped lately is anyone’s guess but they now appear to be taking their ‘silence is golden’ routine a little too far!

We’ve undertaken a transparency tally of outstanding requests made by thecolemanexperience and the results are quite frankly, shocking:

1) A.N. Contract Services Ltd request – 24 days late

2) A & N Contract Services Ltd request – 21 days late

3) Tulloch Castle Hotel-Part 2 – 31 days late

4) Molly Moggs Homefinder Scheme – 30 days late

5) Corporate Property Fraud request – 281 days late

We’re not even asking for volumes of data either, mostly receipts and reports that should already be in the public domain, so the delays just don’t add up.

The fact that WCC has a legal obligation to respond to FOI requests within 20 working days doesn’t seem to bother them either, possibly because the ICO seem to let them get away with murder and (reluctantly) only punish them with a beastly slap on the wrist!

Unfortunately for WC though, we’re tenacious types, and don’t mind the wait, but it would be helpful if they took down their hilarious transparency web page which boasts the following outrageous claims:

“Westminster City Council believes the people we serve are best placed to hold us to account. Our residents are at the heart of what we do, they know about the quality of the services we provide, and how we meet the needs of the local area. As taxpayers, they have a right to know how we spend their money.

We are committed to releasing as much information as possible to the public about:

. what we spend
. how we work
. what we do “

Now that really IS taking the mick!

Kindest regards

B.Coleman and the gang


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