Treasons to be cheerful…

Greetings Fab Foi watchers and welcome back to our humble armchair-auditing blog.

Today we have a Guy Fawkes inspired post for you from those supercilious spendthrifts, Westminster Council.

We were somewhat surprised to see that WCC had made a payment of over £60,000 to the House of Commons and even more so when we realised that monies paid had been charged to their highly controversial Corporate Property Division-

Yes folks, this is the same CP department that according to PricewaterhouseCoopers is at high risk of fraudulent activity, double payments and overcharging!

Quite why WCC would be paying Parliament this amount of money is beyond us…

Maybe they share a payment system with hard-working Westminster MP’s (well if it’s good enough for her Maj why not eh?).

Or could it be that WCC are planning to officeshare with the HoC and have spent a little on refurbs?

Oh no, that can’t be it either because they’ve already announced plans to bed down with Eric Pickles and co

Well anyway we’re sure the mystery will soon be solved when WCC deliver one of their timely, transparent and truthful responses!!!

We live in hope…

Yours truly

B Coleman and the gang


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