The man who would be Queen…

Fabulous FOI watchers we’re back with an urgent update from that crumbling wreck, the Westminster FOI office.

This time it relates to a previous post- Grand Theft Auto:

We’ve been asking WCC about payments made to Heritage Cars Ltd totalling over £14,000 and despite initially denying all knowledge of this company they’ve finally fessed up.

According to to Westminster, Heritage Cars was used to chauffeur the Lord Lieutenant of London, Sir David Brewer, around London (presumably on official engagements.)

That’s a little odd don’t you think?

Why are Westminster Council paying the chauffeur fees of an elected member of the Queen’s Royal Household?

Surely her Maj has her own budget for this sort of expense?

But don’t worry- WCC have explained everything and according to their response:

“These are not payments made by the Council but by the Lieutenants Office who use our payment system.”

What the dickens does that mean?

Are they seriously trying to say that the Queen shares a payment system with a Local Authority?

They also state:

“There is therefore no cost to the Council.”

Well if that’s the case we’d be interested to see related deposits made into the council coffers by the Lieutenant’s Office.

We were also shocked to see one of the invoices stamped by Westminster showing that a payment was charged to Children’s Services.

In these times of budget cuts which are affecting playschemes, disabled care and sure-start centres we certainly hope that this is a typo and that a luxury chauffeur driven ride did not take precendence over the needs of children in Westminster.

What a right-royal cock up!

Kindest regards

B.Coleman and the gang


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