Prisoner Cell Block H

Greetings friends!

You join us as we continue with our armchair audit of the richest borough in the land- Westminster Council.

This week we have news of a possible scheme to help the homeless that shows real ingenuity on the part of those WCC rapscallions.

We were flabbergasted to see that the Metropolitan Police Authority have been receiving payments of almost £350,000 from Westminster and wanted to find out more:

(Yes, this is the same MPA which is run by the former Deputy Leader of Westminster who also runs a business with the current Leader of the Council- you couldn’t make it up!)

Imagine our shock when we discovered that the payments had been charged to the Council’s Housing Department-especially in light of the long-running Molly Moggs Homefinder scheme saga.

What possible reason could there be for the MPA to be paid from a Local Authority’s housing budget?

The only explanation we can think of for monies spent is that Westminster are renting empty prison cells from the Met, to help solve their homeless crisis.

Ok, so the rooms are bijoux and the meals aren’t great, but as they say location is everything and with central London addresses such as Paddington Green, Charing Cross and Belgravia on offer, you can’t go wrong.

What’s even better is that if WCC get their way and make being homeless illegal, they can stop paying the rent altogther!

Of course we’re only surmising here and as always we await a transparent and honest response from City Hall…

Here’s hoping.

B.Coleman and the gang.


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