Grand Theft Auto…

Greetings Fabulous FOI watchers… we’re back with another accounting conundrum from the most opaque borough in the land- Westminster Council.

We noticed that WCC have been making payments to the rather grandiose-sounding Heritage Cars Ltd and wanted to find out more.

Had the FOI team hired a classic car to take them to a Scottish castle perchance? Or maybe a tax-payer funded wedding had taken place between council staff and only a vintage Rolls Royce would suffice (well if it’s good enough for the McCartneys)…

Of course it’s extremely unfair to pre-judge these matters and as per usual we’ve given WCC enough rope…ahem…scope, to come up with a plausible explanation for monies paid:

But what’s this?

Westminster have yet again denied all knowledge of any transactions with this company, so we’ve been compelled to send them the evidence:

Not technically our responsibility, but considering the slapdash and chaotic accounting that’s taking place at City Hall we felt obliged… big society and all that.

We’ve also managed to track down companies listed under Heritage Cars Ltd so WCC can take their pick:

1) Heritage Cars Limited Registered No 02166085

2) Heritage Cars Ltd Registered No 02791683

3) Heritage Cars Ltd Registered No 04445511

4) Heritage Cars Ltd Registered No 06496691

5) Heritage Cars (Scarborough) Ltd Registered No 04328697

Can’t wait for their reply, can you?!

Home, James…

B.Coleman and the gang


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