Contract killing…

Fabulous Foi watchers we’re back with another puzzler from the ever non- transparent Westminster City Council.

Whilst perusing the accounts vault at City Hall we came across payment after payment made to the mysterious sounding A.N Contract Services Ltd.

The only company listed under this name is company number 02534054 which is based in a “virtual office” in 78 York
Street, W1. They have no website and there is very little information available about what A.N Contract Services actually do.

The payments made by Westminster vary in amount from £65 up to £19,297 and have been charged to many Council Departments including Children Services, Parking, Community Protection, and Customer Services.

We have today requested copies of all receipts for payments made by Westminster to this company and await their lucid and informative reply

As you know we at the colemanexperience like to keep an open mind on the fiscal foibles of WCC but we just can’t shake the feeling that taxpayers loot is being syphoned off somewhere and by someone.

Perish the thought eh?!

Kindest regards

B. Coleman and the gang.


One thought on “Contract killing…

  1. According to the Companes House Webcheck, they used to be called A.N. PAINTING CONTRACTORS LIMITED…from this, one can assume they are carrying out refurbishments to council owned premises – hence the varying costs of bills. They must have a contract for this type of service and it would be interesting to see it and to see who signed it…

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