The Dying Game…

Greetings Fabulous Foi Watchers,

We’re back with a shocking revelation from those Westminster wastrels relating to the now infamous Molly Moggs FOI request.

As you know we at the colemanexperience have been trying to extract information from WCC about a £1000 payment made to this Soho bar.

Others have also tried including a fellow called Stephen Peach who asked for correspondence from the Council- some of which was provided in their response

The emails show that a homeless person with medical needs made an application to WCC for housing help in 2010. A WCC housing officer Georgina Bowker quotes a note from Naomi Kelly that “due to the clt’s medical condition an office appointment will not be necessary”.

We can probably assume that the medical condition was of a serious nature so you would expect a sympathetic response from WCC at this time of need. But what’s this…?

Far from sympathy the housing staff have a joke at the expense of a seriously ill homeless man.

One of the attached emails dated 12 March 2010 from WCC housing officer Zabrina Hasan to Fatheya Latif and Arianna Thomas reads:

“atheya (sic) this is the one you said can go 4 this as he is going to die soon!”

Looks like WCC still follow Shirley Porter’s outrageous directive- ” be mean and nasty to homeless people”.

Kindest regards

B.Coleman and the gang


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