What a load of Tullochs…

Greetings Fabulous FOI Watchers,

You join us as we continue to dig deep into the bizarre payment practices of Westminster Council.

We recently asked WCC to provide receipts for a payment of £659 to the Tulloch Castle Hotel in Dingwall:


and were surprised to receive another response suggesting a bout of amnesia from their accounts department.

Plus ca change…

The hotel in question is situated in Dingwall where WCC have outsourced a large part of their operations, and according to reviews is actually a “12th Century Castle, set in the beautiful Highlands of Scotland…perfect for weddings and Westminster Council jollies…”.

And forget drag queen cabarets at Molly Moggs for entertainment value, the Tulloch comes complete with its very own resident ghost! Spooky…

A stay at a Travelodge would have clearly been cheaper for the poor old taxpayer, but quite frankly, why shouldn’t local government staff have the opportunity to see how the other half live from time to time eh?

Although WCC are denying all knowledege of this payment we aren’t in the business of pre-judging so will await their response before commenting further.

Anyone for a Highland fling?

Kindest regards,

B.Coleman and the gang.


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