Greetings Fabulous FOI watchers- we’re back with an exciting Boney M- inspired request to those movers and shakers at Westminster Council!

We were surprised to discover that WCC paid £1,630 to a mobile disco and wanted to find out why taxpayer’s money was being spent on such frivolities…


Like us, you’ve probably been under the false impression that mobile discos are the preserve of weddings and school parties but obviously not!

There now appears to be a lucrative market in the local authority sector. After all why shouldn’t hard-working council staff get the chance to let their hair down on the dance floor once in a while eh?

Of course, there’s probably an innocent explanation for this payment and WCC will rush to tell us that they’re merely funding training for a jobless DJ!

Can’t wait for their reply…

In the meantime we’ve come up with our own disco tribute to WCC!

They are D, so deceitful
They are I, so invidious
They are S, super sneaky
They are C, so conniving
They are O, oh oh !


Kindest regards

B.Coleman and the gang


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