Volcanic cash…

Greeting Faboulous FOI watchers,

You join us as we continue in our quest to hold Westminster Council to account especially in light of their recent bold claim that they ” are committed to being open and transparent to demonstrate to our residents how we spend their hard earned money.”

Let’s see shall we?!

After a busy few days here at the ColemanExperience carrying out our very own FOI audit of WCC’s non- responses, we came across an Icelandic corker that needs further investigation!

Back in March we requested details of all investments made by Westminster in Icelandic banks


and used the information to carry out some research into Landsbanksi Islands hf where WCC had deposited millions of pounds of taxpayers money and then lost it all – which was rather careless to say the least.

We then asked Westminster the simple question of what steps they had taken to reclaim the money and even included a handy link for them to connect directly with the bank’s claims department


but what’s this? Yet another flawed response only this time instead of the usual refusal under various grounds, those FOI scallies conveniently mixed up their replies and avoided answering the question altogether.

Anyone would think they didn’t want the public to know what happened to £17 million pounds!

Of course we armchair auditors don’t give up that easily and have already requested an Internal Review into this muddle and await their non-response with eager anticptation.

Where’s Bjork when you need her, eh?

Kindest regards

B.Coleman and the gang


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