Whole lotta houmous…

Greetings Fabulous FOI watchers!

On today’s menu we have a Mediterranean themed request for you to enjoy courtesy of those FOI jokers at Westminster Council…

We were amazed to discover that WCC has spent £2,151 at the Cedar Lebanese Restaurant in Fernhead Road, Maida Vale


not least because the delicious food on offer is so reasonably priced!

Can’t you just imagine the FOI crew digging into mezzes galore as they contemplate how to avoid yet more requests for information?

Of course we at the ColemanExperience aren’t suggesting for a single minute that this payment was for food or beverages. Perish the thought!

No, we’re quietly confident that WCC only made the payment for charitable purposes …

A word of warning though. If they’re thinking of blaming it on a homeless belly- dancer scheme they can’t…we’ve checked with the Cedar and they don’t employ any!!!

Kindest regards

B. Coleman and the gang


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