Soliciting with intent…

Dear Friends,

We’re back sooner that expected with an urgent update from that sinking ship, the Wesminster FOI office.

Their response to our Creightons and Partners request is both incredulous and alarming …

…not least because they’ve been paying hundreds of thousands of pounds to a firm of solicitors run by ex-council employees but have apparently never bothered to find out if the company has a VAT number or is registered at Companies House.

The only Creightons and Partners we found listed was a dormant company which has now been dissolved!

Unbeknownst to us at the ColemanExperience previous requestees had also asked for related contract details with little success…

Why are WCC being less than forthcoming about links with this firm???  Why aren’t they doing everything in their power to make sure that taxpayers money is being paid to legit and fully registered companies???

Don’t forget now :  Ingnorantia juris non excusat !

Kindest regards

B. Coleman and the gang


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